What is RTP and slot payout

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What is RTP and slot payout

RTP is a parameter that can help you choose your casino game strategy. It indicates the percentage of player’s money back in long games, the frequency and approximate amount of winnings, as well as when the jackpot will happen in a given game. This parameter helps a pro win a lot of money at casino online. To understand how to use this parameter and in general, what it is and wrote this article.

Its performance and how you can apply it in practice in the casino

Return of the slot machine in casino – a refund to the player for a long game in percentage terms. Return to (return to) the player (the player) – a term used in gambling in different venues for quite a long time.

It is counted as a percentage from the formula:

The return to loser equals the winnings divided by the betting amount and multiplied by 100.

The cash refund of the game with the highest payout to the Mega Joker player, for example, is 99%.

Mechanical slot machines (jokingly referred to as “one-armed bandit” as well as “one-armed Jack”: its first versions were actuated by a lever) and gambling casino online necessarily specify percentage return. The developer to license the game in the online casino real money is required to calculate the percentage. During the initial review, the Supervisory Commission takes into account whether the RTP is correct. It licenses the game when these percentages are accurate. Eventually the games are rechecked to make sure that the equipment is in good working order.

Knowing the return percentage, it is possible to calculate the winning rate. So a percentage of 96.5% may return 96.5% of the money to the player, though over a long period of time, i.e. playing many times. That doesn’t mean that for every N spins of the reel you use the same amount of coins, you will win back 96.5%. Alas, to really lose nothing in the online casino, you need to play at least 1,000 combinations, and even more, the control board, as well as programmers who created the game, check the payoff a few million spins to ensure that the percentage is correct.

Indicator of advantage casino online

Besides RTP there is an index of casino advantage (House Advantage). It is calculated as follows:

HA equals 100 percent minus RTP.

For a game with 96.5 per cent return, for example, the advantage of online casino is 3.5 per cent. So you get only 3.5 per cent of play money goes to the casino, which, you may agree, is not much. It means that there is more chance of winning than of losing. But then again, I repeat, with a long game at casino online.

How the percentage of return to the player in casino is regulated

Licensed casinos make the rebate rate consistent with the law of the country you’re in.

Paying costs real casino is high, so the refund to the player ranges from 75% to 95%. According to the laws, for example, the player’s rebate is 90% and more. The US states for example have different minimum payouts: New Jersey has 83%, Mississippi has 80%, and Nevada has 75%, as decided by law in each state.

Virtual games have percentages from 90% to 99%. Major developers are making games with 95% and higher return percentages. Online casino real money are not chasing after instant profit, they give more time to play, it is justified, the players remain in the online casino, thinking, wagering almost all the transactions and even hope to win the casino online. Which is almost always justified.

Payback games in casino online

Payback percentage is prescribed program absolutely every game in casino online.

Mechanical, more often still with a display and without moving parts, machines have specialized chips that contain the algorithm of games and payout parameters to the player in the casino online. The chip’s software and parameters are checked, and then the chip is inserted into the slot machine, which is then sealed.

Gambling online casino casino real money have the percentage of return that the developer has created, that is prescribed in the software code. Once the development of the game is complete, the rebate percentage declared by the producer is checked by the commission. If the figures are correct, the game is licensed and can be sold. It is then installed by online venues and becomes available to players.

Changing the percentage of refunds to the player in casino online

The value of refunds to the player in casino does not change, the value remains the same in the slot machines, online games, only in those that are licensed.

Slot machines at the online casino have chips with factory firmware. It is possible to flash them with a new program, but to do this you need to remove the seal, remove the chip and do it with a special developer’s software on special equipment. Such actions are performed when repairing the machine or when carrying out a preventive inspection.

Online games are set up differently. A licensed casino online is just a site which offers the opportunity to play. It accepts money from the player, allows withdrawals, lures the player to its various “goodies”: free games, various tournaments and the like. Even the money during the games goes through the servers of the creators. Before registering on the games website to make sure the game is licensed and you are not cheated on this site, you can make an enquiry on the internet: fake and licensed slots. If everything is normal, you can safely play on this site, if not, I strongly recommend that this site leave and never return to him. However, modern browsers and so signal to the fake site. When online casino real money is official, all game processes do not take place on it, so it cannot change the percentage of the player’s return. Remember! Only licensed sites are guaranteed to follow all the rules of the game. Fake sites, on the other hand, can change everything. Therefore, if you want to avoid losing money or even winning, you should check the gaming site before playing on it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a scam site where winning is unlikely. It is quite possible that such a site is set up to steal money from card accounts in order to cash in on a gullible person.

Using the player’s return figure in casino online

This figure indicates how many lots are wagered during a long game at casino. A professional, knowing this figure, can tell a lot about the game.

Compensation to the player has dispersion (fluctuating values). On real gambling machines this is significantly noticeable. Games with a low payout, something like 75% have a small variance: small winnings are common there. When the percentage is 95% or more, the game has strong swings, which means you can get jackpots in the online casino by playing larger amounts.

It turns out that slots with low returns will be closer to the player looking for small fluctuations, preferring to play with small money and win more often, even if small. A big payout will suit those who want to win the jackpot and are prepared for long and constant losses, alas, they need a significant amount to play, otherwise big winnings cannot be won, as they are determined by the number of games and the amount bet on the game at casino online.

The payout figures at online casino real money allow you to figure out how much you can roughly play with the amount you’re willing to give to the game. This refers to playing a long game when the roll bank (money set aside for the game) is sufficient for at least a month.

A gambler, calculates ahead of time the games, and their number. For example, with a monthly plan of five thousand revolutions of the reel with a bet of 1 token, it is necessary to have 5,000 tokens. Then in that time, if the player’s return is 96%, you can wager 4,800 coins, which is pretty good. This will allow you to play for a long time without bringing extra money into the game. In addition, there are good winnings that will lead to profits in the end. Besides, just playing is reward enough for someone.

Conclusion of RTP in casino online

Unfortunately, the given possible profits are not always true; there is a possibility of winning more or less in casino online. This is due to some inaccuracies of the games. But there is still a chance of winning, and in addition, you will have a good time playing, so you are guaranteed not to lose your capital when you play for a long time. Professionals, when playing at licensed casino online, knowing the value of the return to the player, calculate almost exactly the behaviour of the game, make schemes to win, and often win even Jackpot. So, having understood the principles of the games one can make very good money in the online casino.